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【Shopify】How to find out which theme a particular store uses

How to check which theme is used for a store (e-commerce site) built with Shopify? This is the way to check which theme is used for your store (e-commerce site) built with Shopify.

Use a site called “Shopify Theme Detector”

You can use this site to find out.
Shopify Theme Detector

To use it, just open the site, enter the URL of the store you want to check in the input field, and click the “DETECT THEME” button.

In this way, it will instantly read and tell you the theme.

Points to note

It looks like it’s reading the name of the Shopify admin “Themes” menu.

You could easily change the name here to anything you want.

So, for example, if the store uses the “Debut” theme, but the store builder has changed the name to “My_Original” or something similar, you will see the result “My_Original”.

Here’s what you need to know.

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