How to use the OrderLogic app (Lite plan available) to limit the number of purchases and prices on Shopify.

Since Shopify does not have a standard function to limit purchases, such as “purchase only up to ● items,” I would like to introduce an application to make this happen.

“There is a paid app called OrderLogic – Min & Max Limits that starts at $4.99/month and comes with a 7-day free trial.

This is a higher level plan, but it can also be used as a Buy Button, so it is compatible with the Shopify Lite plan.

Rate Plans

  • standard($4.99)
  • premium($9.99)
  • pro(14.99)

There are three different plans, and the higher the plan, the more features (things you can do) you get.


【Products】Limit per product (all plans)

“You can set a purchase limit for each product, such as “this product is limited to ● items.

  1. Minimum number of items to purchase.
    Enter the number of required points that must be ordered.
  2. The maximum number of items you can purchase.
    “The maximum number of items that can be purchased.
  3. This setting specifies the number of items to be purchased.
    For example, if you enter “3” here, you will only be able to purchase 3 items.
    If you enter “3” here, for example, you will only be able to purchase 3 items, and an error will occur if you enter 4 or 5 items.

【Orders】Restrictions for all product units (all plans)

Place limits on the number of items and the amount of money for all items in your cart.

  1. Total: from $●
  2. Up to a total of $●
  3. From a total of ● points
  4. Up to a total of ● points

【Prompts】Setting error messages

This is the screen to set the error message when an order is trapped by the limit.

By default, all messages are displayed in English, so we will set each message in Japanese.

It is best to set the messages in Japanese. It is best to set the messages while actually checking the error messages.

The characters in {{}} in the input example will output the amount of money and product name you have set.

So, for example.
{{product_title}} is limited to {{quantity}} items.
If you type
“Chocolate cake is limited to 3 items.
It will show the actual error message to the customer with the product name and the quantity limit you set.

【Tags】Restrictions per product tag (from PremiumPlan)

You can set restrictions based on the “tags” you set for your products.

For example, in the “cake” collection

  • shortcake
  • chocolate cake
  • cheese cake

There are three types of products.
You will be able to limit your purchase to two of these items (in any combination).

“Click on “Add Tag Constraint…

  1. Enter the tags you want to restrict (be careful of typos)
    • Minimum Quantity
    • Maximum Quantity
    • Minimum Spend
    • Maximum Spend
    • Multiple‥Example: Only 3 items can be purchased.
  2. Set the value in the unit selected in 2.
  3. Applicable to all products
  4. Apply to each individual product in the cart
  5. Error message displayed when trapped in a limit.

※Either 4 or 5 must be checked to activate.

【Buy Button】Restrictions on the buy button (from ProPlan)

By default, the OrderLogic app restricts purchases to store purchases, and not to purchase buttons.

To apply purchase restrictions to a purchase button, you need to “recreate” the button with the restrictions applied.

This is easy to do, though.

  1. Paste the code for the purchase button you created in Shopify.

  2. The code will then be rewritten in red (hidden in this sample screen) into a button with purchase restrictions applied, and you can simply copy it by clicking “Copy code” at the bottom.





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